Wallpaper Removal


We take pride in knowing whatever condition your walls wallpapered in we can remove it and/or fix it. Sizing a wall before applying wallpaper is necessary if you should ever want the wallpaper removed. Unfortunately most contractors don't care to spend the little extra money, not good for you, the home owner. Here at Dream Stone Creations we can handle all situations using some great techniques and products we can get your walls paint ready with a new shine.
 How much does it cost?

There are several variables when it comes to removing wallpaper. If your walls were properly sized before having the wallpaper installed getting it off should be a relatively smooth process. If the walls were not sized it then comes down to the type of wallpaper installed and glue that was used. We have been able many times to remove wallpaper cleanly off unsized walls. However, since we can't be for sure until we start, are estimates are given a full break-down of all the possibilities. This way you'll be fully informed for best case and worst case scenarios. If the wallpaper comes off without any major issues the cost is typically $2.47 per foot. Worst case scenario, and your walls are damaged and need repairs, skim coating, additional primer coats the cost can go as high as $4.27 per square foot. This doesn't usually happen but it's better to be informed and prepared for worst case and hope for the best. I can promise you, we're certainly hoping for the best.
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