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Specializing in interior painting, faux finishes, cabinet refinishing, ceiling textures, wall textures, plaster repairs, drywall repairs, wallpaper removal, & more. From standard painting to wonderful faux and textures that not only compliment your home but bring it to life. We're setting the standards with detailed oriented people who care about your home. 

Customer satisfaction is the primary goal. Services start with a free in home estimate as we’ll go over the project details and answer any questions you might have. Next you’ll receive a detailed estimate breaking down all the aspects of the project so you can see how the price was determined. Once the project begins you will kept informed of the progress along with keeping a clean work area. Once completed we'll perform a detailed walk through. But that's not where it ends. You get a 7 day grace period to look over the project. Find any issue and we'll schedule a convenient time to return, at no charge, to make the corrections.

Cabinet Painting /Refinishing

From old world designs to rich modern looks you'll get the look you want at a fraction of the cost than replacing your cabinets. Best of all, without the massive dust and not having a kitchen for weeks. With our cabinet painting/refinishing process you generally will get full use of your kitchen during the evenings. A typical cabinet painting/refinishing project last 5 - 7 days. 

During our first meeting we'll go over the process, products, and answer any questions you might have. We'll go over your desired finished outcome to ensure your getting the cabinet refinishing look you wanted.

Ceiling Textures

We offer ceiling textures in many different styles from Adobe Splatter to Knock-Down, or our customer favorite, Plaster’s Edge. Besides our machine applied textures we also offer our hand applied textures such as Skip Trowel, Venetian Plaster, and Sand Grain.  See more.

For a truly great look the raised panel copper ceilings really make a statement.  See more about this style in our Specialty Projects.

Decorative Wall Textures

From old world designs to rich modern looks our textures are simply elegant. Our wall textures are applied in a semi-smooth finish, it's the paint finishes that gives them their depth. There is no need to apply so much wall texture that you're spending your time dusting your walls. This I've seen to many times by other so called texture artist. We offer a wide range in textured wall  options and colors to give you the most elegant look your heart desires.

Specialty Projects

Whether you're looking for a Tuscan arched doorway, an Italian distressed theme, or an Old English pub. Our wall accents set the stage. This is not a paint on faux and these are not real stones. This process goes right over your drywall or plaster walls and is only about 3/16" thick. Using thin layers of synthetic concrete this concept is great for accenting. We only put the brick or stone where it will be exposed. After which the distressed plaster effects are applied and faded back into the wall. The end results are the true look and feel of stone, brick, and plaster. You've probably seen this in restaurants or casinos.
Simply put... We do it better.   See More.

Faux  Painting & Decorative Finishes

From old world designs to rich modern looks our faux painting and decorative finishes recreate a home. Dream Stone Creations offers a wide range of style and beauty. On our first meeting we'll go several style options and color choices to determine your desired feel for your home. Before any paints are applied to your walls we'll make sure we're on the same page by providing samples of the faux painting designs in your color choices. 



"Providing you with the highest levels of
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