Decorative Textures


From old world designs to rich modern looks our textures are simply elegant. Our wall textures are applied in a semi-smooth finish, it's the paint finishes that gives them their depth. There is no need to apply so much wall texture that you're spending your time dusting your walls. This I've seen to many times by other so called texture artist. We offer a wide range in textured wall options and colors to give you the most elegant look your heart desires.

Decorative Texture Samples


Decorative Texture Process

Our finishing process starts by providing many samples of finishes and designs to help better distinguish the look your wanting. If you didn't find exactly what your looking for a custom sample can be created.

  • From here the room is prepared by covering the furniture and floors with waterproof and tarps and coverings. All connecting trim is taped off to insure straight edge lines.  
  • The texture is applied in the preferred design and let set to dry overnight.
  • The two base coats are then applied and check for full body coverage.
  • The next coat is then applied. Depending on the design this usually a glaze coating to highlight the texture and create effects.
  • Depending on the location and design of the faux a protective clear coating may be applied.
  • Once completed, the tape is remove and the edges are inspected for any bleed through creating jagged lines. These are addressed at this time.
  • The tarps and furniture coverings are removed and cleaning of any dust or debris.
  • The furniture is placed back in it's original location and the project is complete.
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