Ceiling Designs


We offer textures in many different styles from Adobe Splatter to Knock-Down, or our customer favorite, Plaster’s Edge. Besides our machine applied textures we also offer our hand applied textures such as Skip Trowel or Venetian Plaster.

 Ceiling Texture Samples

Ceiling Texture Process

When it comes to removing or applying ceiling textures preparations are the key essential.
It's a messing process and we don't want any of that mess getting out.

  •  Most of you wall hangings can stay in place and in most cases larger furniture as well.  
  • The process starts by wrapping your walls in plastic and covering your floors with heavy duty tarps.  
  • For removal the ceilings are sprayed, not soaked like most other contractors offer. Our system uses powered sprayers to get the water into the texture, even when painted, and not soak the drywall behind it. Getting the drywall to wet can cause sagging issues.
  • From there the texture is scraped off while damp and any minor repairs are made at this time. The ceilings are also inspected for any sagging or possible hidden mold.
  • With only a few exceptions one of our machine or hand applied texture options are applied.
  • All debris is then removed and the room is cleaned. Up to here this process is completed in one day.
  • After the texture has dried, usually 24 hours, the ceilings are inspected, painting tarps and coverings are laid out and two coats of paint is applied
  • Once completed all the tarps and furniture coverings are removed and cleaning of any dust or debris created by the process. Project complete!
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