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From old world designs to rich modern looks you'll get the look you want at a fraction of the cost than replacing your cabinets.  Best of all, without the massive dust and not having a kitchen for weeks. With our  cabinet painting/refinishing process you generally will get full use of your kitchen during the evenings. A typical cabinet painting/refinishing project last 5 - 7 days. 

During our first meeting we'll go over the process, products, and answer any questions you might have. We'll go over your desired finished outcome to ensure your getting the cabinet refinishing look you wanted.


Preparations and products are absolute key to a long lasting finish that you can be proud of. 
 Our process is virtually dust free and as Eco-friendly as we can at this time.  

  • The process starts with removing hardware and getting rid of all the old grease and dirt that has built up over the years along with deglossing for better adhesion.  
  • Next, all of the exterior seams are filled and smoothed with high quality adhesive caulk.
  • From there we are now ready to apply the primer. The doors and drawers are sprayed as the exterior base units are rolled and tipped using a fine finish mohair roller and self leveling primer. Once checked for imperfections the top coat is applied and another inspection of the finish. 
  • For our decorative finishes the glaze is now applied in the desired effects from a stream line clean finish to aged, weathered, distressed, or old world antiqued.
  • Important for the finish is the protective clear coating. This not only gives the cabinets a consistent finish but also protects from stains and scratches.
  • The hardware is then reinstalled, which is a good time to have new hardware, and the doors are properly adjusted.
Additional options include:  Molding Installation & Knob Relocation

Additional questions?  See our FAQ's
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