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Cabinet FAQ's

  • What type of paints are used?
A:  Benjamin Moore Advance alkyd paint and primers are used due to there durability, air quality, and longevity.  Benjamin Moore Advance is the longest, non-amber paints on the market today.  Which means your white cabinets won't be turning yellow anytime soon. 
  • Do you sand the doors down?
A:  Sanding only occurs when absolutely necessary.  In most cases the cabinets are de-glossed using earth friendly products to prepare them for refinishing.
  • Is there a warranty offered?
A:  Yes, there is a one year warranty offered.
  • Do I have to stay out of my kitchen during the process?
A:  During the days you will have limited access to the kitchen and full access during the evenings and weekends.  
  • Are the doors and drawers taken somewhere else to paint?
A:  The preferred method is to paint them onsite.  A 10'x12' dust free spray room is created in your garage.  Using the method quickens the process from the wait time to transport.  This also means there's no chance of damage during transporting.  However, if there is no spaces for a spray room the doors and drawers can be taken offsite for refinishing.
  • Can my cabinets be stained again instead of painting?
A:  Stained cabinets can simply have a renewal process where the nicks and scratches are taken out and a new clear coat is applied keeping them the same current color but with that new shine.  Stain colors can also be changed to any darker color we offer.  There are also additional stain options of antiquing/distressed as well.
  • Do all the cabinets need to be emptied?
A:  Typically no.  All that is required is that the first few inches are available to tape preparations.  If the drawer faces are removable the drawers to not have to be fully emptied either.  However, if the drawer faces are not removable they will need to be emptied during the refinishing process.
  • How long does it take from start to finish?
A:  A typical kitchen cabinet refinishing project takes 5-7 days.  However, high humidity and temperatures can effect the drying time extending the process an additional day or two.
  • Do you paint inside the cabinets?
A:  The interiors of the cabinets can be painted for an additional cost but I don't recommend it unless absolutely necessary.  The only times the some interiors are painted is when doors have glass fronts and the interiors are seen through the glass.
  • I have a baby in the house.  Do I need to leave while the cabinets are being painted?
A:  The paints used are the most Eco-friendly products, given color choices, and have some of the best air qualities on the market today.  That being said, no fumes are good to breathe.  It is recommended during the painting of the base units to not be in the general area for a few hours and keep proper ventilation.  However, when it comes to the staining process the products are not as Eco-friendly and it is recommended that children not be in the area for at least 24 hours.  The stains are oil based and produce low fumes that are not safe to breathe.  Again, proper ventilation is recommended during this process.  Visit Benjamin Moore Advance paints, or Old Masters stains for more information.
  • What is glazing?
A:  Glazing is the process of applying a translucent color over a base coat.  More simply, it is used for defining  decorative cabinet lines, creating antique effects, or when airbrushed, a soft fade of colors.
  • Is there any protective clear coats that go on?
A:  There are always protective clear coats applied to staining projects.  It is recommended that protective clear coating be applied to any work involving glaze.  It is only by personal preference any clear coating to a single color cabinet painting project.  The paints used are of high quality and is not necessary. 
  • How long does it take to dry?
A:  The cabinets are typically dry to the touch and use when installed.  However, it takes all paint up to 21 days to fully cure.  It is recommended that the cabinets are treated with a little extra care during this time period to help insure a beautiful finish for years to come.

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